Meet Teff!

Originally discovered over ten thousand years ago in the Ethiopian Highlands, teff is a naturally gluten-free ancient grain that is packed with nutrients! Rich in protein and dietary fibre, teff also contains a wealth of vitamins and minerals such as Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc and more!

Teff vs the Rest

  • Teff vs Quinoa

    Teff has 3x the Calcium, 2x the Iron and 1/3 the fat!

  • Teff vs Brown Rice

    Teff has 8x the Calcium, 30% more Protein and double the Fibre!

  • Teff vs Buckwheat

    Teff has 9x the Calcium, 3x the Iron and 30% less fat!

  • Teff vs Chai

    Teff has more Essential Minerals including Iron & Magnesium!

Teff Injera. Berhan Grains Organic Teff Flour.

Injera Anyone?

Traditionally used to make injera, the flat-bread staple of the Ethiopian and Eritrean diets, teff is a highly versatile grain that brings a slightly nutty flavour and works wonderfully in a wide variety of recipes that includes pancakes, brownies, cookies, breads, pizzas, and so much more!

Now, you too can enjoy the delightful taste and benefits of teff!

Baking & Recipes

  • Chocolate Teff Bundt Cake

    Chocolate Teff Bundt Cake

  • Teff Chocolate Chip Date Cookies

    Teff Chocolate Chip Date Cookies

  • Teff Pasta

    Teff Pasta

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