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Teff Benefits: Top 12 Teff Health Benefits +1 Bonus

1. Promotes Growth

From athletes trying to speed up recovery and accelerate gains to parents looking to help their child’s growth, and everyone in between, teff can deliver substantial support for your bodies growth and development. With eight different amino acids, including lysine, and protein to create new cells, repair old ones and for healthy development throughout our lives teff is a great alternative to animal proteins. It’s also easier for our bodies to break down vegetable proteins into their amino acids which is why teff is a great alternative to animal proteins, not only for vegans but for everyone.

2. Gluten-Free

Teff is a gluten-free ancient super grain and although many believe only people diagnosed with celiac disease can be affected, the truth is that many people are sensitive or seriously intolerant to gluten. Abdominal bloating or pain, joint or bone pain, certain skin conditions, digestive problems and even disturbances in your mood can all be subtle ways your body is telling you something in your diet isn’t right. Celiac disease and gluten intolerance is linked to malnutrition and can be painful and dangerous which is why gluten-free options like teff are so important. Teff is one of the best gluten-free options because it’s so packed with nutrients, easy to digest, anti-inflammatory, delicious and works in a wide range of recipes.

3. Healthy Bones & Teeth

Teff is the king of grains when it comes to calcium, having 5 times more than whole wheat. Did you know one cup of teff contains the same amount of calcium in a half a cup of cooked spinach and even a glass of milk! Teff is an excellent calcium alternative for those with lactose intolerance, vegans and anyone looking to help grow, develop and protect their bones. Teff is also a create source of manganese and nicotinamide riboside, which not only helps with bone growth and development but also with regulating hormones and boosting enzymes.

4. Stronger Immune System

Teff, unlike most grains, contains vitamin C which is a crucial part of our immune system and stimulates the production and activity of white blood cells. Vitamin C is also a key component in collagen, which is needed to create new cells, organs, blood vessels and even muscle tissue. Teff is also a high source of B vitamins, zinc and essential minerals that help you fight off disease, boost your immune system, ease digestion and allow your body to take in more nutrients from your food.

5. Increased Circulation

Teff’s so rich in iron that many physicians recommend teff to patients suffering from iron deficiency anemia. Teff’s high iron content increases oxygenation in the blood to important organs, areas of your body and helps boost circulation. Iron is needed to produce hemoglobin, found in red blood cells that carries oxygen from your lungs and circulates it throughout your body to your cells. Iron deficiency anemia happens when your body is unable to get enough oxygen to your cells and tissues making you feel weak and tired, the good news is that teff can naturally treat it!

6. Blood Sugar Control

Teff should be every diabetics favourite grain. Teff can help diabetics prevent dangerous spikes and plunges by helping slow the release of insulin into the bloodstream. Teff being rich in fiber, manganese, slow-digesting carbs, resistant starches and having a relatively low glycemic index are the reason why teff is considered one of the best grains for blood glucose control. Due to teff’s slow digestion, teff also fills you up for longer and help with healthy weight maintenance.

7. Relieves Menstrual Problems

Teff helps prevent and cut back inflammation, bloating, cramping and muscle pains. Did you know teff has been used for centuries as a natural anti-inflammatory and menstrual soothing agent? Teff’s high phosphorus and copper content helps naturally balance hormones and increase energy levels to help you feel a lot better.

8. Boosts Digestive Health

Teff’s high content of dietary fiber can help regulate your digestive system naturally relieving constipation, bloating, cramping and other gastrointestinal issues. Teff’s fiber passes through the digestives system taking with it fat, waste, toxins, and even cholesterol all while helping improve your heart and colon health, manage blood sugar, digestion, detoxing and making you feel fuller which helps with weight loss.

9. Supports Energy Production

Teff is the coffee of grains, being high in copper and amino acids teff can help give you an energy boost that keeps you on your toes even longer than coffee, without the caffeine crash! Copper plays an important role not only in energy production but also growth and development, nervous system function and red blood cell creation which are some of the many reasons to add teff to your breakfast.

10. Healthy Heart

Teff has been shown to effectively reduce blood pressure in several research studies, which reduces your chances of suffering from heart attacks, strokes and reduces the strain on your cardiovascular system. Teff’s has a low sodium content, which helps prevent your arteries from clogging up, and is rich in vitamin B6, which help maintains healthy blood vessels and lowers your risk for heart disease which is why many incorporate teff into their daily diet.

11. Promotes Weight Loss

Teff is high in copper and protein, low in fat, low in sodium and rich in dietary fiber which all can help with weight loss. The copper in teff boosts your energy levels during work outs, helping you burn more calories. Teff also keeps you feeling fuller for longer and is low in carbs compared to other grains, which is great for anyone on a diet that struggles with feeling hungry.

12. High Source of Protein

Teff high protein content helps keep your metabolism running, energy up, blood sugar levels stable, improves muscle mass, balances hormones, keeps appetite and mood in check, promotes healthy brain function and may even help slow aging. Teff’s amino acid composition includes all 8 essential amino acids and has lysine levels much higher than wheat or barley. Lysine helps promote collagen and elastin production keeping your skin smooth, supple and youthful. This can also help with athletes looking to be at peak physical fitness, teff’s motherland Ethiopia is famous for it’s long-distance runners many of whom attribute their success to teff! Seeing that teff makes up two thirds of Ethiopians dietary protein it is no wonder Ethiopia grows over 90% of the world’s teff.

BONUS! Sustainability

Besides Teff’s various health benefits, teff is also great for the environment. Teff is a true survivor being highly adaptable, sprouting quickly and able to survive in extreme altitudes growing conditions and various climates where many crops would fail. Teff is also naturally resistant to diseases and pests. A single pound of teff seeds can even grow an entire acre of teff! Unlike what happened in South America with quinoa, where demand and prices became so high that locals could no longer afford their own staple grain, the Ethiopian government constantly monitors and is quick to act on the teff market to ensure sustainability and affordability for Ethiopians. Ethiopia even famously banned teff exports for several years until it was able to build the necessary infrastructure to grow more teff, help with food security and farmers. Ethiopian farmers were even able to more than double teff production on the same land size putting less strain on the land. Thankfully in 2015 Ethiopia was finally able to lift the ban, but still heavily monitors and controls teff exports to ensure the same mistake made with quinoa in South America won’t be repeated with teff in Africa. By eating teff that is grown exclusively in Africa you not only get access to the finest teff in the world but also support Africa’s economy, farmers and communities.

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