1 lb Ivory Teff Flour | Naturally Gluten-Free | Whole Grain | Fibre Rich | Iron Rich | High Protein

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  100%  Teff Guaranteed

100% Naturally Gluten Free No Additives
100% Whole Grain No Preservatives
 Rich in Fibre No Fillers
 Rich in Iron
 High Protein

Ivory Teff Flour

Experience the 100% Teff Guarantee with our Ivory Teff Flour. Made from 100% whole grain Teff, this flour is gluten-free, non-GMO, and free from additives, preservatives, and fillers. Packed with rich fiber, iron, and high protein, it's a nutritious choice for your baking needs.

Delight your taste buds with the mild sweet flavor of our All-Purpose Ivory Teff Flour. It's perfect for creating lighter pastries, cakes, and breads. The flour beautifully complements vanilla and citrus flavors, adding a light earthy tang to your recipes. Enjoy the versatility of Ivory Teff Flour, as it seamlessly integrates into any recipe, enhancing its nutritional value without compromising color or taste.

Unlock a world of culinary possibilities with our Ivory Teff Flour. Use it to create delectable pastries, cakes, injera, waffles, crepes, and sourdough breads. Its milder flavor and lighter color make it an ideal choice for those seeking baked goods with a subtle taste. Plus, you'll be adding extra nutritional benefits to your creations.

At Berhan Grains, we take pride in our quality milling process. We were even featured on CTV News! Watch the video below to see how we mill Berhan Teff and discover the care and dedication that goes into every bag of our Ivory Teff Flour.

Elevate your baking with the goodness of Ivory Teff Flour. Experience the difference in flavor, nutrition, and quality that Berhan Grains brings to your kitchen.