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  • 100%  Teff Guaranteed

100% Gluten Free

100% Whole Grain

Rich in Fibre

Rich in Iron



Whole Grain

Rich in Fibre

Rich in Iron


No Additives

No Preservatives

No Fillers




Our Berhan Brown Teff Grain has a robust flavour with a nutty taste that is sure to brighten any meal. The grain adds a nutty flavour profile that is packed with fibre and nutrition that is sure to get you through the day! 

Takes less time than rice, Berhan Brown Teff Grain can be cooked like rice or quinoa, and used as a side dish that pairs with most meals.

Great for: Crackers, porridge, salads and rich morning smoothies - pairs nicely with cinnamon and Chai spices! *See recipe for Chai Teff smoothie


Our Teff is exclusively sourced from Africa, the motherland of teff,


We provide free delivery on all our products within Canada


We work hard to make sure your order is shipped within 24 business hours

Questions? Check Out Some FAQ's!

Can't Find Your Question? Visit our FAQ's page or shoot us an email info@berhan.co

Are your products gluten-free?

Teff is a naturally gluten-free grain and all of our products are processed in our gluten-free dedicated facility in Barrie, Ontario. You can find more information on our strict gluten-free standards here

Where do you source your products from?

We proudly source our Berhan Teff exclusively from certified farmers and suppliers in Ethiopia, Djibouti and South Africa. These farmers were selected specifically for their production, farming and quality standards.

Are your products GMO free

Yes, all of our products are certified non-gmo by the Non-GMO Project.

What is the difference between Berhan Brown and Ivory Teff Flour?

The main difference between Brown and Ivory Teff flour is their colour. Both Brown and Ivory Teff have the same nutritional value, and Brown Teff flour lends a slightly nuttier taste and pairs well with richer dishes, compared to the milder taste of Ivory Teff flour.

Is there a general rule you recommend for baking with Teff flours?

A general rule of thumb when working with Berhan Teff flour is to substitute ¼ of the flour called for in any baking recipe (gluten-free or not) with our Berhan Teff flour. You can find more tips on how to bake with Teff flour here

Can I combine flours?

Yes, our flours can be combined. You may see a slight variation of colour depending on the ratio of Brown and Ivory Teff flour used.

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